Official stafflist

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Official stafflist

Post  Lestic on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:53 am


- Blaze (developer)
- Lestic (manager)
- Sn0w Beast (community)

Owners keep the server online. They take care of updates, maintenance, donations, events and advertising. They will not help you if you have a minor problem. This is not because they hate you, but they are dealing with major problems (like bugs) and do not have much time to hang around or listen to someone who lost his/her items because he/she got pj'ed.


Administrators will handle major server problems and staff issues. Only ask an administrator if your problem can't be solved by a moderator. Administrators will be spending most of their time testing updates, fixes or deal with individuals who disrupt the server. This makes them fairly busy, so don't get impatient if they won't help you immediately.


Moderators handle small issues and will help you if they can or they will direct you to an administrator if your problem can't be handled by them.

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators will help and guide you on the forums, so do not bother them with your in-game problems. Forum Moderators will also move, close, stick or delete topics and post if needed.


- Zezima
- Jayden
- Mod Ali
- Bank
- C A P S

Legends are past staff members. They are respected by the community for their commitment to PureChaos and are trusted.

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